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Membership Procedure:


Affiliate Membership:¬†Members of a local church, residing elsewhere for an extended period, may upon application be enrolled as "Affiliated Members" of the AME Church.  Such membership will entitle them to the priviledges of that church; its pastoral oversight, participation in all active services, and the right to hold office.  Membership, however, of these persons shall be counted & reported to their home church.


Transfer of Membership: Persons bearin ga Certificate of Membership from any of our local churches or from churches in other Methodist branches may be received and enrolled a full members of the local church to which they wish to have their membership transferred.  Those coming from other denominations other than Methodist branches shall be taken through the procedure for admission to full membership.


Termination of Membership:¬†Membership in the AME Church may be terminated only by withdrawal, expulsion, or death.  When a member who is in good standing desires to withdraw his/her membership, the same shall be stated in writing and given to the pastor of the church.  The pastor shall then give a "Letter of Withdrawal" to such a member to authenticate termination of membership.


*Member can received baptism only once.

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